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Paletti Profilsysteme

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Paletti USA is part of a multinational company specializing in the production and assembly of T-slotted aluminum extrusion systems.
Under the Paletti brand, individual solutions for Laser Enclosures, Linear Motion Systems, Precision Technology and Perimeter Guarding are engineered, manufactured and distributed from our aluminum profile system.

Profile System


Standard Profile

Standard profile from the Paletti Silverline Program


Linear Motion Systems

Profiles from Paletti’s Linear Actuators

Tische und Schränke aus Aluminiumprofile

Tables and Cabinets

Profiles for the construction of tables, cabinets, work stations, and laboratory furniture

Laser Enclosures

Laserkabinen aus Aluminiumprofile

Rolling Doors

Quick, light-tight rolling and vertical lift doors for laser enclosures


Horizontally Opening Process Doors

Very quick, light-tight process doors for laser enclosures

Laserschutzkabine aus Aluminiumprofile

Labyrinth System

Light-tight, multi-layered labyrinth system provides protection for lasers up to 6 kW

Linear Technology


Linear Technology 16 & 25

Paletti Linear Systems, universally applicable to almost every application


Omega Drives

The carriage becomes the fixed part and motion is transferred to the profile axis

Innenliegende Führung

Internally Guided Actuators

Maintenance-free actuators from Paletti

Precision Technology

Meisterbock aus Aluminiumprofile


And measurement fixtures, torsion-resistant, high precision, individually adaptable


Sandwich Plate

Stable, flexible construction for measurement and fixturing

Zubehör für Aluminiumprofile


Wide assortment of accessories for high precision measurement

Perimeter Guarding

Schutzgitter mit Aluminiumprofile

System 7.8 mm

Robust protection guarding for wire mesh and panels with 7.8 mm thickness

Trennwände mit Aluminiumprofile

System 4 mm

Suitable walls and mesh for most enclosures and protective areas



The accessory program offers a large range of custom options