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Omega Drives

Linear Motion Systems 16 with omega drive

The omega drive is manufactured for timing belts AT10/22 and AT10/50. The carriage becomes the fixed part and motion is transfered to the profile axis. Standard ranges of omega drives are either attached to carriages or stand-alone for special customer applications.

Omega Drives are manufactured in five basic variants. Their purpose is to replace the drive unit on the fixed part of the axis. The timing belt is tensioned via external timing belt tensioners at each end of the profile axis. Omega drives are normally used with integral carriages.

C-Track with omega drive

Omega Drive C-Type

The Omega drive is manufactured for the Paletti C80/100 linear actuator system. The drive is transferred from the end of the actuator to the carriage which is now fixed, thereby transferring movement to the track profile.

Gegenumlenkung mit C-Führung