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with plastic rollers and timing belt

The Paletti C-track linear actuator system is based on a large selection of track and carriage profiles. Plastic rollers made from POM run directly in the aluminum profile. Pulley assemblies are selected based upon the track profiles which are used, and are tensioned internal to the carriage. C-track actuators are especially suited for rolling door applications.

C-Führung C30x43 C-Führung C40x57 C-Führung C40x100 C-Führung C80x100 C-Führung C80x100 (2)
C30x43 C40x57 C40x100 C80x100 C80x100 (2)

C-Pulley Assemblies

The C-pulley assemblies are used together with AT3–10mm wide, AT5–16mm wide and AT10–22mm wide timing belts. The motor connection is made to the customer’s requirements, and Paletti will also provide the adapter plates and couplings if desired.

Zahnriemenumlenkung C40/57 Zahnriemenumlenkung C40/100 Zahnriemenumlenkung C80/100
C40/57 C40/100 C80/100

C-Track with omega drive

Gegenumlenkung mit C-Führung, Schnitt

The Omega drive is manufactured for the Paletti C80/100 linear actuator system. The drive is transferred from the end of the actuator to the carriage which is now fixed, thereby transferring movement to the track profile.