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Laser Enclosures

  • for
    • 4kW Nd-YAG lasers
    • 4kW disc lasers
    • 6kW Sdisc lasers
      up to the focal distance (operating point)
      according to DIN EN 60825 "Laser Equipment"
      ISO 11553-1:2005
      "Laser Machining"
  • free standing laser enclosures (no additional structural members)
  • self-supporting lengths up to 12m
  • laser enclosure height up to 7,5m
  • enclosure length and width unlimited
  • ideal, multi-layer labyrinth system
  • innovative design
  • double wall structure
  • four-wall construction for applications in focal range
  • multiple beam systems can be combined within a wall
  • corner angles can be infinitely positioned
  • standard t-nuts facilitate simple installation of additional components
  • fast-moving roll-up, horzontal/vertical rolling and sliding process doors
  • automatic part insertion options without disabling laser
  • laser safe exhaust vents
  • specially designed hose, pipe and cable entry systems
  • this system structure is patent-protected worldwide