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Clamp Profiles, Blend Profiles and Frame Profiles

Standard Profiles (2 mm thru 8 mm)

From the extensive range of Silverline profiles most static requirements can be met.

Sheet materials are easily fixed using accessories from the catalog.

Blend Profiles (2 mm and 6 mm)

Blend profiles attach 2mm and 6mm sheet elements to standard profiles when pressed into the grooves.

Clamp Profiles

Clamp profiles are used for clamping sheet materials to standard profiles. In this connection an aluminum strip is being pressed on the sheet material via grub screws and uptights the sheet material in the profile frame.

They are manufactured for all three profile ranges (40, 30, 20) in three different designs.

Schutzzaunprofil SP203 Schutzzaunprofil SP204 Schutzzaunprofil SP206
Klemmprofil SP740 Klemmprofil SP741 Klemmprofil SP742 Klemmprofil SP157 Klemmprofil SP158 Klemmprofil SP164

The Frame Profile (bup to 8,5 mm)

The protection wall panel is assembled from frame profiles.

The panel frame is made using the basic profile. The sheet element is laid into the frame and held in position by the panel profile. The left and right sides are fastened first and then the top and bottom sides.

The panel profiles comprises of a plastic and aluminum cover profile attached to the frame profile. The supplied compensating rubber is designed to compensate for the differences in thickness of the sheet elements.

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