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Work Stations and Laboratory Furniture


You can create many different designs from the extensive range of Paletti profiles. Let the Paletti team and its distributors help you design your own furniture to suit your environment.


Table Profiles

Tischprofil SP250 mit Nut Tischprofil ohne Nut Tischprofil Mininut
with groove without groove with mini t-nut
The long front face of the table profile is designed to enclose the work top edge and eliminate the need for expensive edge preparation. An important feature of this profile is the thin front face that does not detract from the color or decorative work surface. The work top is supported by angle profile with or without grip grooves and fastened to the table profile by means of screws and t-nuts. The table profiles are cut at a 45° angle and are fastened together using the miter connector SV1901V. The standard table profile has a central mini t-slot to take standard M4/M5 mini t-nuts. 8mm sheet can be laid on top of the mini t-slot and fastened directly with t-nuts. 2mm sheet material can be slid into the slot adjacent to the groove and fastened with mini t-nuts.

Open Profiles

Offenes Tischprofil SP261 Offenes Tischprofil SP262
Suitable for use as table legs, where the inner chambers can be filled with cables. The t-slots are closed by cover profiles.

Closed Profiles

Abreißprofil öffnen Abreißprofil mit Nutenstein Abreißprofil Montagebeispiel
Tear-Off Profiles: Completely closed t-slots which can be easily torn off for attachment of profiles.