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Paletti Profile Systems
Administrative and participation limited company
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Christian Schlieter


All contents, pictures and information were compiled by us with biggest care. However, we do not undertake neither garanty nor juristic response for the integrity of these contents. All similarity with other contents are by pure chance and unintended!

If despite all protected or forbidden pictures or texts appear on this homepage, then we ask around it us to it to refer immediately.

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Paletti Profilsysteme & Co. KG is responsible as contents offerers for own contents, which it holds ready to the use, after the general laws. Of these own contents are cross references ("links") to differentiate on contents held ready by other offerers. By the cross reference Paletti Profilsysteme GmbH & Co. KG to that extent; strange content" ready for the use, which are characterized in this way. For these strange contents is Paletti Profilsysteme GmbH & Co. KG responsible only if of them (i.e. also of illegal and/or punishable contents) positive knowledge is present and it technically possible and reasonable is, whose use to prevent (§5 Abs.2 TDG).

With "links" it acts however always over "living" (dynamic) references. Paletti Profilsysteme GmbH & Co. KG has strange contents with the first linkage thereupon it examines whether by it a possible civil or criminal responsibility is released.

The contents offerer is not however obligated after the TDG to it, contents, to which he refers in his offer to constantly examine on changes which could again justify a responsibility. Only if it determines or is pointed out of others that a concrete offer, to which it made a left available releases civilian or criminal responsibility, will waive it the reference on this offer, as far as it this is technically possible and reasonable.

The technical possibility and reasonableness are not affected by the fact that also after prevention of the access of Paletti Profilsysteme GmbH & Co. KG homepage from other servers the illegal or punishable offer to be accessed can.