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Arriving To The Aim Through System

The company Paletti Profilsysteme is a young organisation active in the manufacture of innovative production methods, as well as prducting futureoriented technologies. Palettis manufacturing strength lies in the development and manufacture of a universal modular-based profile system, made from aluminium.

The basic concept of the company before any development began was to take account of the high flexibility and economic viability demanded by the market place for machine and plant construction.

Equipped with the most up-to-date CNC production facilities and with the support of a qualified team of engineers and specialists, Paletti Profilsysteme has in a very short time made a name for itself.

Adaptibility is the guarantee fpr life in nature. This principle of flexibility also applies to the modern industry. With the rapid progress regarding improvements of the means of production and their adaption to existing work flows, it has become necessary to utilise flexible and compatible systems for the production.

In order to perform this tasks, Paletti has evolved the aluminium profile system Silverline, wich is suitable for all fields of application. All single components and main groups are structurally designed in the way that the assembling whithout any difficulties and with it is profitable.

Paletti's benefits are:
  • high quality
  • precision work
  • very effective price/cost ratio
  • order-processing that meets deadlines
  • planning and development services
Head office Meissen, Germany
Plant Lahde, Germany